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Managing a Home Is So Easy, A Caveman Can Do It.

     ...or so I thought. I started my property management business with just my own investment homes and had some very mixed results, even as a veteran real estate agent and investor!  However, it was these early experiences that taught me how to fine tune my lease agreements to reduce my risk of litigation, increase my rental returns and maintain a high level of satisfaction with my tenants. Over 100 lease contracts later, and after numerous process improvements, my property management systems have saved my client's thousands of dollars from potential lawsuits, evictions and lost rental income!

Why Not Just Manage Your Home Yourself?

Let's take a quick self-assessment:

1.  Do you like to receive calls in the middle of the night for a busted pipe? 

2.  Do you like to pursue grown adults for money that they owe you?  

3. Or how do you feel about evicting tenants and physically removing their personal belongings from their home?

     Any takers out there?  Well, if you answered "No" to any of those questions, you may want to consider hiring a property management company.  Those three examples are real life experiences that we've actually had in the past.  If you asked any of the property owners if they expected those events to take place, they would all say "No."  You see, nobody expects the worst to happen to their home.  However, if and when it happens, you will have an experienced company by your side to successfully navigate through those challenges.  This is how you can be a real estate investor and have a hassle-free investment.  This is ultimately what we promise to all of our clients:  Peace of Mind.

     Peace of mind is what we guarantee to all of our clients.  We have clients located all over the world and we help them achieve peace of mind through our emphasis on (1) a transparent process and accountability; (2) availability and communication; and (3) company values that promote tenant loyalty.


I live in California and last year, bought my "retirement home" in Georgetown, Texas. Edward Lui and his team of professionals have done an excellent job for me. They have kept me informed on all repairs and the easy on-line portal is wonderful for up-to-date accuracy of your financial records. I would highly recommend Edward Lui and Mars Hill Realty to anyone who is looking for a reputable and reliable property management company in Georgetown, Texas.

- Zouri Evanson, Retired

(1) Transparent Process and Accountability

All home repairs are generated through our work order software and you will be notified in real-time, through email, when that happens.  You won't have to worry about surprise bills and renovations that you did not authorize.  All of our assigned vendors know that repairs exceeding a specified amount must require additional approval from the owner.  This helps you control your budget and have visibility on the repairs being conducted on your house.  

Our service manager also verifies each and every repair, to ensure quality control, and sends a post-repair survey to the tenant.  We use this survey to provide feedback to our vendors and our team on how we can continually improve our service.  

Lastly, we use lots of photography for many major milestones during a lease to help you stay informed on the condition of your home.  We use photography for work orders, 2 week walk-throughs, pre-tenant move-ins and post-tenant move-outs.  All of these photos are available to both the tenant and owner so that we mitigate any disputes regarding the condition of the home and damages that may be found.

Peace of mind is achieved when you know the company you hire has systems in place to keep them accountable to you and the tenant.

Our family is new to the "rental property" world. We recently worked with Edward in getting our home rented. We went on a referral from another family who highly recommended them and has been using their property management services for years. That family's referral was good! Mars Hill Realty does a phenomenal job in managing your rental property! Our house was ready to be rented mid-August and they found us GREAT tenants (their background check and process is excellent) within a week. 

Their customer service is impeccable. I've had to call Edward a couple of times: first for a broken garbage disposal and secondly for repair of our fence. Edward answered both of my calls personally. He also quickly put my mind at ease about what needed to be done at our rental home. There was no leaving a message and wondering if/when they'll call. I talked to a person. :) Their company is now overseeing the multi-faceted process of a complete fence repair, which involves coordination with four different neighbors.  
Lastly, their web portal system is so helpful! We've only had one issue with viewing a couple of documents and they were very willing to help to be sure we can access all the information. They are the best! Our family is looking forward to a continued working relationship with Mars Hill Realty for our rental property needs.

- Charles and Raquel Dishinger, New investors needing property management in Austin, Texas  

(2) Availability and Communication

Don't you hate it when you call a vendor and you can't get a hold of them and you can't get a return call!

  Well, either:

  A. They are too busy for you


  B.  They have bad news they don't want to tell you!

We understand that having accessible experts that will respond within 24 hours of receiving a call gives owners peace of mind that they are a valued client.  Not to mention that their home hasn't burned to the ground!  

We also invest heavily into technology so that our tenants and owners have access to a private, online portal 24 hours a day.  This portal contains all of the lease information, house photography, statements, ledger/financial record keeping and anything else pertinent to the lease.  

Lastly, we utilize real-time alerts so that you will always know when a work order is generated, a payment is late or any other significant activity regarding your home.

Peace of mind is achieved when you know that the people you hire are always available and willing to communicate with you whether it's good news or bad.

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  Mars Hill Realty is our #1 Property Manager in Georgetown, Texas.  I know they are responsible and dedicated to handling their client's needs in a timely way.  

- Marcy Urban, Broker/Owner of Urban Homes and Land

(3) Company Values that Promote Tenant Loyalty

We have four company values (MARS):

Maintain God as the Priority - do everything with integrity

Attain win-win-win for Everyone - negotiate and problem-solve so that everybody benefits

Reduce Risk - protect the company and client from contract and property risk.

Strengthen Relationships - value relationships over profits

These values work themselves out in practical ways.  For example, we have monthly communication with our tenant and owners so that we can be proactive in answering questions, making repairs, and just staying "top-of-mind" for the tenant.

We also conduct regular check-in calls and our #1 priority is to commit to customer service.  

When you value the tenant, they are more likely to respect you and take care of the home.  They will tell you when repairs need to be fixed and are more likely to give you notice when rent is late or can't be paid.  

Peace of mind is achieved when you have a tenant who is cooperating and has a good relationship with the property management company so that problems are solved proactively.

Three Questions That Make A Property Manager Sweat!

     There are three questions you can ask a property manager to help you determine if they are really finding the most qualified tenant for your property and investing adequate resources into managing and marketing your property.  


 Mars Hill Realty Group has been my property management team since April, 2011.  Although I've never met Edward Lui, he was recommended to me by a Realtor friend.  Edward stays in contact and communicates vital information regularly by phone and email to me in California, and has done an outstanding job of managing my 3 properties.  

He combines enthusiasm and a "can do" approach with savvy decision-making to quickly handle any issues that come up.  I particularly appreciate his sensitivity to my cash flow and helping me keep my expenses down.  I highly recommend Mars Hill Realty Group.

- Larry B. Experienced investor needing property management in Leander, Georgetown and Austin

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